Mission Statement:ERP 6489

The purpose of the Michigan Music Conference is to provide relevant professional development and vibrant musical experiences that support music education for educators and their students.


The membership of the Michigan Music Conference is comprised of the Boards of Directors of the:

  • MASTA - Michigan Chapter of the American String Teachers Association
  • MMEA - Michigan Music Education Association
  • MSBOA - Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association
  • MSVMA - Michigan School Vocal Music Association

Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

Chair Dan Scott MASTA
Vice-Chair Cory Mays MMEA
Treasurer Kevin Culling MSBOA
Secretary Mark Krempski MSVMA
Charles Bullard MSBOA
Lisa Furman MMEA
Erik Jacobson MSVMA
Janis Peterson MASTA

Planning Committee:

Chair Carin McEvoy MMEA
Secretary Denise Lewis MMEA
Ian Boynton*

Michael Hopkins



Burke Lokey* MASTA
Jim VanEizenga MASTA
Joe Guarr* MMEA
Chris Pike MMEA
Bill Vliek MMEA
Susan Gould MSBOA
Lynn Kelsey MSBOA
T. Paul Shimmons* MSBOA
Mark Stice MSBOA
Matt Callaghan
Angel Gippert
Crystal Sherd- Chew*
Wendee Wolf-Schlarf
Gail Worden
Honors Choir Director Eric Floetke MSVMA
Technology Chair Denise Lewis MMEA
Equipment Chair Ryan Broome MSBOA


* Technology Committee


MMC Office

1390 Eisenhower Place
Ann Arbor, MI 48108









Thank You for Attending!

Another successful conference is in the books! A great thank you to our attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and performers for your contribution to our great event and music education.

Session handouts are available online in our session listings.

See you in 2020 as we celebrate our 15th Anniversary!

2020 Exhibitor Reservations

Interested in hosting a booth in our exhibit hall for 2020? Online reservations for exhibits, sponsorships, and advertising are now available!

2020 Michigan Music Conference

January 16 - 18, 2020
15th Anniversary Celebration

Session Proposal Application Opens
January, 2019

Session Proposal Application Closed
April 12, 2019

Session Acceptance Emailed to Presenters
June 20, 2019

Online Registration Opens
September, 2019

Early Bird Registration Deadline
December, 2019

2021 Michigan Music Conference
January 28 - 30, 2021